Christmas Mocktail

Christmas cocktail

This simple, beautiful non-alcoholic cocktail is one of our family favourites, we have it every Christmas  – it is light, refreshing and delicious, perfect for Christmas Day (or any day).  I am sure that Santa would love this drink left out for him to quench his thirst on a busy Christmas Eve, it doesn’t contain any alcohol so there is no issue with drinking and driving! There are no fancy ingredients or measurements needed and kids love making it. They can easily follow the instructions below.

  • Make some freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Pour it into a blender
  • Whack in some fresh strawberries
  • Whizz until completely blended and until you are happy with the colour
  • Taste it and add a little sugar if it needs it
  • Chill in the fridge and give it a stir before pouring into glasses (it tends to separate if left for a while)

If you want to ‘frost’ the top of the glasses to create that gorgeous Christmassy look just whisk an egg white lightly and  dip the glass in caster sugar.

Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for all your support, ‘likes’ and comments. I really appreciate them all.


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