New Year & Bullet Journalling!


Finally nearly all the coughs, colds and ‘flu are gone and finally I can look beyond tomorrow and think of what the year ahead might bring (while at the same time being very grateful for the many, many good things that happened in 2016.) This year I am going to do something I never normally do which is set a few goals. The very first thing / goal on my list is to conquer my obsession with lists and notes on yellow post-its which then seem to breed and multiply and can be found in my handbag, on my desk at work, on my kitchen counter, on my bedside locker, coat pocket … get the idea! Lists of stuff to do, food to buy, people to call, bills to pay etc etc. So this year I am going to try using a journal i.e. basically a notebook in which to write all my notes, lists and goals for the year. This is where Bullet Journalling comes in – this is the list of all lists ……. search for it on Google and you will find lots of articles and websites devoted to it including this one. I was hooked when I read that a bullet journal is good for people who have a million little ‘to do’ lists floating around!!

So I am going to start a Bullet Journal into which I will write all my lists and goals. Some of the goals I have been tossing around for 2017 are below  e.g.:

  • Get on top of my emails – you would not believe the number of unread emails I have so I will be ruthlessly unsubscribing from all those shopping emails.
  • Create a blog calendar for 2017 – trying to think what recipe to post week to week is very stressful!
  • Sort out my password security. Bet I am not alone in that!
  • Begin to create my own cookbook.
  • Do a weekly plan for dinners & lunches.
  • Take up Pilates.
  • Swim a 400m Individual Medley (4 lengths of each stroke)
  • Be grateful especially for good health!

There will be a page in the journal then for say ‘jobs to do around the house’, a page devoted to ‘things I need to do relating to my blog’, a page for ‘books I want to read’ etc etc.

I will post an update during the year on how I am getting on e.g. if it never made it to the end of January or if the yellow post-its have re-appeared!



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