Smoked Trout Paté with Carrot Salad & Pitta Chips


This recipe is from one of my favourite cookbooks called The Diet for Food Lovers by Jennifer Irvine – it is a beautiful book of healthy, delicious recipes (and the pictures are beautiful too!). This particular recipe looks like there is a lot to it but it is actually very simple and easy – perfect with a glass of wine or as a starter if you were having anyone for dinner. The paté takes just 5 mins to make, the carrot salad,  10 mins and the pitta ‘chips’ take 5 mins to prepare and about 15 mins to bake in the oven.  Instead of making the pitta chips you could have some toasted wholemeal or rye bread or even some melba toast with the paté. The pitta chips are worth trying though as they are surprisingly tasty (and a healthy alternative to tortilla chips) and take only minutes to make – my daughter loves them and took them in her lunchbox when I made them recently. And who would ever have thought of a carrot salad? It looks beautiful and the dressing really turns it into something special. Continue reading


Super-quick grilled salmon

This is great “fast’ food – it makes a super tasty quick lunch or dinner. It uses simple ingredients and contains those Omega 3 fatty acids that are so good for your heart! I served it with green beans which were steamed, then tossed in a little butter and some toasted flaked almonds. It is so tasty and looks a picture plus it gives the impression that a lot more work and effort has gone into making it.

Grilled Salmon final wtrmk

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